It has been often said, "Reincarnation can never be proven." This is nonsense--urban legend. Like several other non-physical phenomena, the existence of reincarnation has been proved many times over, both to the scientific standard and to the legal standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt." This website will begin by acknowledging that this fundamental debate has already been won in favor of the existence of reincarnation. But then there are so many questions which arise--exactly what is it that reincarnates? What portion of a person remains the same after reincarnation? If people reincarnate in order to learn or to grow, what exactly do they learn, and in what sense do they grow?

I have studied reincarnation, as it is found in the teachings of Eastern mysticism, from the top sources for 50 years.​​ I have also studied the Western research, and the best cases, since producing my documentary, "In A​nother Life: Reincarnation in America," which is sold to universities through Films Media Group. I began working on that film in 1997, and released it in 2003. Only one PBS affiliate out of the 200 I wrote to individually, would air it--KBDI in Denver. That's how much prejudice there was against this topic.

In 2005, I discovered a past life of my own--an obscure 19th-century author named Mathew Franklin Whittier. You can see, in the comparison above, that I look about 90% like him--mostly, only the nose has changed (Mathew didn't like his). In 2009, I began rigorously and intensively researching this case, and I was able to prove it to the same legal standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt." However, I also learned that Mathew was responsible for a vast, anonymous literary legacy, including several classics of Victorian literature which had been falsely claimed by famous authors. So famous, in fact, that everyone hearing of my research results automatically assumes I must be crazy. But I hold a master's degree in counseling, I'm quite sane, and I can prove these literary attributions.

It so happens that my case is uniquely suited to addressing the types of more advanced research questions posed above. Many different pieces of evidence will be presented here from time-to-time, along with the relevant links to my books, scholarly papers, a written blog, a video blog, and more.

Stephen Sakellarios, 12/13/22

The following features will be changed periodically. Below each item, links will be provided for detailed resources in text and media, for those who wish to explore that topic in more depth.

Proving the Reincarnation Case

Mathew and Abby's original authorship of "A Christmas Carol"

A brief summary of the extensive evidence pointing to Charles Dickens' theft of "A Christmas Carol" from Mathew and Abby Whittier.

Dickens Theft of the "Carol"